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Our Environment

At PPG, we are committed to using resources efficiently, developing industry-leading sustainable solutions, and prioritizing decarbonization to protect the world for current and future generations.

2022 Achievements

Sustainably Advantaged Products


of sales from products and processes with sustainable advantages, allowing customers to reduce their environmental impact.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions


reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from our 2017 baseline.

Water Withdrawal


reduction in water withdrawal from our 2017 baseline.

Energy Use


reduction in total energy use from our 2017 baseline.

Waste Efficiency


reduction in the quantity of waste generated from our 2017 baseline.

Waste Disposal


reduction in waste disposal intensity from our 2017 baseline.

Spill and Release Rate


reduction in PPG’s spill and release rate from our 2017 baseline.

Minimizing the footprint of our operations is an ongoing focus, and our locations are guided by our 2025 sustainability goals, outlined at sustainability.ppg.com. In 2022, we furthered our commitment to progress through key actions, including:

  • Committed to the Science Based Targets initiative and submitted Scope 1, 2 and 3 GHG emissions reduction targets for 2030 to the organization for validation, aligned to the Paris Agreement. PPG will announce our 2030 sustainability goals in the first half of 2023.
  • Launched industry-leading sustainable solutions to meet our customers' needs.
  • Continued to increase our use of renewable electricity sources
  • Finalized our new global sustainability organization, including embedded sustainability business partners for each strategic PPG business that work with customers to innovate solutions that enable our customers' sustainability ambitions
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  • Initiated supplier collaborations to identify more sustainable raw material solutions
  • Increased sustainability and climate change educational opportunities for PPG employees through new learning modules and internal podcast series

One example of our commitment to environmental sustainability is PPG's Quattordio, Italy automotive coatings manufacturing site. Through a partnership with Grastim on the startup of a high-efficiency power-generation facility, PPG will combine cooling, heating and power, otherwise known as trigeneration, to power the site. We expect to reduce energy costs by 13% and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 10% at the facility annually.

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In addition, PPG's Adrian, Michigan, automotive adhesives and sealants manufacturing facility entered into a 1.5 megawatt (MW) agreement with Constellation that will help PPG purchase the clean, renewable energy equivalent to the annual electricity use of the facility. Through a 12-year agreement, PPG will receive energy and project-specific renewable energy certificates (RECs) from Swift Current Energy's Double Black Diamond Solar Energy Project. The facility will procure approximately 3,500 megawatt hours of energy per year from the project, which is expected to help PPG reduce its carbon footprint by more than 2,400 metric tons annually. This is the equivalent emissions of more than 530 gasoline-powered passenger vehicles driven for one year, according to EPA greenhouse gas equivalencies.

In addition to our operations and our customers' operations, PPG recognizes its role in minimizing the environmental impact of our products throughout their entire life cycle. Our rigorous Product Stewardship Management System and sustainable product assessment process, aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), are the bedrocks of our process.

To ensure sustainable business practices, the product stewardship management system covers the full scope of the product life cycle – from material sourcing to product development and application, including hazard communication and chemical regulatory compliance, safe transport of dangerous goods and customer response to end-of-life requirements.

PPG Innovel Pro product

Our sustainable paints, coatings and specialty materials create value and deliver sustainability benefits to our customers, suppliers and a variety of stakeholders. In 2022, we launched a number of sustainable offerings, including:


An enhanced version of PPG Innovel, the internal beverage can coating that has been applied to more than 220 billion cans in 40 countries. The new formula still does not contain bisphenol-A (BPA) or bisphenol starting substances, and provides enhanced application, leading to less waste for infinitely recyclable aluminum beverage cans. PPG Innovel PRO earned a Cradle to Cradle Certified Material Health Certificate at the Platinum level.


Developed to deliver superior corrosion protection, adhesion and appearance across an expanded bake window, the enhanced curing capability of PPG Enviro-Prime EPIC 200R electrocoat also delivers additional sustainability benefits by enabling customers to lower oven temperatures resulting in reduction of CO2 emissions.


Used on Lyft's e-bikes and engineered to help improve visibility in low-light conditions, this proprietary and patent-pending breakthrough technology is formulated with glass beads, making the single-layer coating refract light and retroreflect it directly back to a vehicle’s driver to enhance visibility and increase safety for the bicyclist.

To learn more about our sustainable products and solutions, visit sustainability.ppg.com